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Party Planner

Party! Yeh party time. You must be excited about partying with your family, and friends. Am I right? But when you are throwing a party to celebrate a special day your excitement level goes a little bit down because of the stress to manage all the party arrangements. 


Now with a Party Planner, your stress goes down, and the excitement level rises above the sky. A party planner company will organize a whole party from decor to food, and you can simply enjoy your party without any stress. 

Now you must be thinking, what does a party planner do?


Parties in 2021 are more than a casual gathering of family and friends. Organizing something memorable and creative will be a wonderful experience. The possibilities for both children and adults are almost endless when it comes to theme parties these days. Decorations, table settings, disguises, and party attractions can be found in a variety of colours and designs. The possibilities for organizing unique parties with a party planner are endless!

Lunch Table

Party Planner UK

It is common for people to throw parties to mark significant events in their lives. If you are looking for The best party planners in London or UK, then you've landed on the right page. I am Camilla Boniek, a professional Party Planner in London and the surrounding areas, I am known as one of the best, most trustworthy and experienced party planners in London.

Whether you want to plan the perfect birthday party or decorate your house for dinner, maybe you want to throw a Halloween costume party or celebrate Christmas in style this year, I am here to help you, whatever party you have in mind. 

I am one of the luxury party planning organisers in London, I have created elegant, glamorous, fun, and world-class events that are magical, immersive, and unforgettable. Every celebration I plan, whether a casual party, an anniversary party or a child's party, is unique and bespoke to my client's requirements and budget.

Service is crucial to a successful party, so I design and plan events centred around giving my clients and their guests the best service.  My business, Camilla Boniek Events is affiliated with only those suppliers who share my event companies core values and strive to make every party the best ever. As a result, I have direct relationships with world-class vendors and top entertainment, which has led to my parties and events being regarded as among the most prestigious.


Are Party Planners worth hiring? 

Party planners can make sure everything runs smoothly by following a party planning checklist and creating an event timeline.

Partying is ultimately about having fun and bringing people together. Using this as a compass throughout the planning process, one can throw one of the best parties of all time.


  • Taking the client's input about all event details, including the number of guests, the floor plan, the venue, colour schemes, food, decor, theme, and budget.

  • The team visited venues, sampled food, and worked with caterers, musicians, and other vendors and service providers.

  • Making phone calls, searching online, and sending emails for research to make sure a memorable event is delivered.

  • Developing floor plans, menus, parking arrangements, and invitations, and ensuring clients are satisfied with them.

  • Delivering and setting up all food, drink, chairs, tables, and decorations on time.

  • Tracking and answering guest inquiries, as well as monitoring cancellations.

  • Keeping up with the latest trends in design and party planning.


I always have this checklist up to the mark to make your day stress-free, enjoyable and happiest for life.

Total Party Planer

A total party planner is a system in which event management details can be saved and managed through software. Small and large businesses have access to a comprehensive set of features to streamline operations and drive profit.

A team developed a combination of real-world experience and innovative tech solutions. It's the solution that combines passion and profit. Camilla Boniek event planners always prefer this system to organize and maintain accurate records.

Party Planner Costs

Your party planner will help you save time and focus on other aspects of the day. Figuring out what to do and when to do it can be time-consuming and stressful. A professional event planner will save you both time and frustration.

Here are some of most mind emerging questions about cost and we have decided to answer you. Let's dive straight in;

How much does it cost to hire a Party Planner?

Do you know hiring a party planner helps you save your time and cut down on your extra expenses? Yes, it is true, though. It costs about £1000 on average to hire a Party Planner. You will likely spend between £1000 and £1200 to hire a Party Planner to plan your event. It depends on where you live how much a Party Planner costs.

How much does a Party Planner cost in the UK?

An event planner's costs range from about £400 to £1800 in the UK. This can differ depending on the type of event, the planner's experience, and the scale of the event.  The cost of a party will vary on the type of party, the number of guests, catering, decorations, venue etc.  I will work according to my clients budget to ensure I provide the best service and quality party for your money.

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