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Camilla Boniek Wedding and Event Planner in London

Camilla Boniek

Turning your Vision into Reality

Hi, I'm Camilla, I was born in Rome, Italy and I have been living in London for almost 10 years. To make any kind of event unique, you need to have one fundamental skill: empathy. It is precisely based on empathy that I started this job. Indeed, my clients' satisfaction is what makes me thrive! The passion for my job always makes me pursue the best result possible and I am ready to give you everything that I can to organize the best event for you.

Camilla Boniek

 Event Planner

A Perfectionist on Every Detail

What's my secret weapon? Details! For me, details really make the difference: guests will appreciate them, and you - the planner - will be enthusiastic in seeing how much a small detail can change an entire setup. Hence, by having an unnerving eye for details, I will guarantee that your event will be spot on.

Camilla Boniek Events Perfectionist
Camilla Francesco Dinner Party - Every Event is Special

Every Event 

is Special 

From the biggest event to the most intimate one, my commitment is always the same: achieve the best result possible. I am always open to any idea you have in mind and I want your event to be unique and special.

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