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London Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning Services

Looking for a wedding planner in London? Your Dream Wedding Company provides top-notch wedding planning services to make your dream wedding a reality. Contact us today to start planning your special day!


My Motivation as the Best Wedding Planner

Wedding Planners spend a lot of time thinking about their clients, what sets them apart, and what makes them unique. My mission as the best wedding planner: to ensure that the day of your luxury wedding/dream wedding becomes the best part of your memory and your guests will talk about it for a long time to come and will remember it with great fondness! Your day should reflect your personality, and it should be easy for guests to say, "That's so you!"! My eclectic style and this in mind have always led me to plan intimate wedding services with a twist. Sometimes I am surprised by the things I come up with.  Because in your dream wedding, every detail matters.


Camilla Boniek The Best Wedding Planner

"My Working Style"

I, as a wedding organiser, meet with couples for a consultation so that we can understand their needs and wants for wedding services. Included here are not only details about the organising wedding but also anything else related to it.

I will also talk about the couple's budget and what their expectations are. Great listening skills are essential for understanding the couple's tastes and their vision for their wedding.

The couple will be presented with a detailed outline of what they can expect. I am an experienced UK-based London Wedding Planner with many contacts in the business. I've successfully organised many previous weddings to recommend reception venues with the perfect view or wedding locations that have an amazing feel and vibe.

My experience allows me to help the wedding couple find vendors and wedding services that can accommodate lavish weddings or smaller budgets, depending on their budget. My clients are frequently offered discounts on services, which I can pass along to them.














Let's talk about your Dream Luxury Wedding

A wedding is often portrayed as a beautiful celebration, "the happiest day of your life." But as you grow older and more mature, you realise that it can also be a messy, stressful event. There's a better‌ ‌way,‌ ‌though! I am here to help plan your dream luxury wedding according to your imagination, and you will know the real meaning of " Dream comes True."

Your Personal Wedding Coordinator

  • As a Wedding stylist in London, I have my work cut out for me. I arrange elegantly designed luxury weddings full of thoughtful details at CB Events because an experienced wedding planner and stylist founded and leads the wedding company.

  • To create memorable celebrations that look stylish and feel genuine to you, I strive to help you achieve both. Coordinating weddings with a modern approach that is inclusive and creative. My goal is to ensure that you and your guests have an exceptional wedding planning experience.  I am giving you the most joyful, relaxed, and memorable wedding possible.

  • My wedding planning skills include arranging your customised wedding and events according to your theme colour coding with a variety of headings. My wedding checklists will cover everything from Budgeting, Research, Dressing, and Honeymoon, creating space for to-do lists, drawing notes, and making lists. With a wedding planner/organiser, you and your future life partner will have a stress-free, anxiety-free wedding day.


  • I offer you a Bespoke wedding service in which the bride and groom's specific needs and requirements are met, a truly tailored wedding event. A bespoke wedding usually entails a lot of customisations and is usually prepared by a planner. It includes specific aspects of a wedding, such as a religious ceremony, clothing, venue, reception, food, wedding cake and decorations. Of course, it is possible to customise some or all of the above aspects of a fully customised wedding, but it might be enough to customise only the combination of desired features to suit the client's budget and needs.


  • My best quality to be an affordable wedding planner for you. Budgets and timelines for wedding events are usually very rigid, as is the case for most couples. With the help of a wedding planner and coordinator, you can maximise your budget and get the best deals, crunching numbers and securing discounts. Furthermore, you will be kept on schedule, ensuring that your tasks are completed on time.














The most asked questions while hiring a wedding planner, so I decided to answer you here;


How much does a wedding planner cost in the UK?

There are most commonly percentage fees charged by UK wedding planners. The average fee in the industry is between ten and fifteen per cent of your total budget, but the final cost depends on the amount of help you need. It is not unusual for clients to receive a fixed fee for high-end, big-budget weddings.

Do wedding planners save you money?

You can make the most of your wedding budget with the help of a good planner. Even though it may seem like hiring a wedding planner is the opposite of saving money, it can save you a lot.

The organizer can help you save big amounts and provide discounts by cutting deals, comparing prices, or simply knowing the price range of different venues and vendors. Due to their knowledge of what matters most and what will have a greater impact, they can stretch your budget.

My Thoughts

Your style and personality will determine the style of your luxury wedding. My passion is to come up with original and innovative wedding planning ideas that couples love even before they know what they want!

I aim to deliver unique, personal, intimate wedding services to fulfil your dreams. After all, nobody wants a same-old wedding. Whatever your style, I can tailor it to your needs, whether it be an intimate wedding, elopement, or destination wedding.

I make your dreams come true by bringing them to life.

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Wedding Services

Turn your idea into a reality

Wedding Services
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My Clients Reviews


"My dream boho chic wedding in Formentera came true thanks to Camilla’s work and presence.

A professional and detail-oriented approach has been guaranteed during all stages of the organisation and that was a key aspect to me."

Julia N.

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"Thanks to Camilla it was all even more beautiful than I imagined. In addition to being professional, she is also a sensitive and empathetic person who also made her a friend. Thank you for giving me a perfect wedding."

Federica C.

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