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Event Planner London

The need for event planners is constant; from weddings to corporate events, the need for someone who can help make events run smoothly can never be denied. Event planning companies, however, are not all the same. The difference between event planners is their work quality and experience.

Planning events in London isn't just about throwing parties; it is about coming up with interactive strategies for clients that meet their goals, messages, and impressions. Planners work long hours to organise and execute virtually every event, from private seminars to public conferences and industry trade shows to employee retreats.


Having a professional event organiser handle your event planning is a sure-fire way to make the process easier! In other words, if you're looking for the best wedding event planners near you in London, you've come to the right place! Camilla Boniek Event Planners are here to assist you. Camilla is a well experienced expert in all things relating to event planning and execution.

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Event planning: What Is It?

There are two parts to this question: what is event planning? And What kind of events are we talking about?


What does an event planner do?

An event planner structures and coordinates an event to ensure all of the moving parts are on schedule and make everyone happy. Also known as convention and meeting planners, they pick the locations, hire caterers, and arrange for entertainment for these events. Accommodations and transportation may also be arranged.

Event planners have traditionally been entrusted with coordinating business meetings, conventions, and events for organisations, businesses, and individuals. Event organisers in London are experts in planning different events like Wedding planners or bridal consultants, according to their area of expertise, are typically in the wedding planning business.  

Meanwhile, Corporate Event Planners take on various tasks, such as organising and managing conferences, seminars, product launches, press conferences, annual general meetings, shareholder briefings, and employee and industry award ceremonies.

Luxury event planners. It's important to understand the mentality of high-end clients so you can deliver on their expectations. Do you know two-thirds of Londoners are luxury consumers who believe "luxury goods and services are about differentiating their events from others?

A luxury event would most likely feature extravagant decorations with flowers forming ceiling installations, a celebrity chef for the catering, crystal chandeliers and fairy lights can create the feel of a starry night inside, the best kind of videography using drone footage, live music, such as a famous band, choir, or string quartet, is a great option. Luxury events are distinguished by their beauty, artistry, and exclusivity. 

Baby Shower Events in London have become very popular events to host. With the assistance of an event planner and coordinator who can create a truly personal and special celebration for the new parents to be. In addition to helping find the perfect venue, creating the design concept, choosing the best suppliers, and ensuring everything run smoothly on the day. A well-experienced event planner like Camilla Boniek Events will help you every step of the way.

Keeping your style in mind whenever you design the baby shower décor is of the utmost importance. A floral theme, furniture, and tableware choices, along with a dessert station, are some other elements to consider.

An event planner may handle any or all of the following tasks related to the event:

  • Understanding of the purpose and goals of the event by meeting with event stakeholders

  • Provide details on the event, such as dates, locations, costs, and time

  • Inspect venues for events

  • Obtain bids from vendors and decide which vendors fit the event's budget and goals

  • Contract negotiation and management

  • Assist in the coordination and management of event logistics and services, including food, drinks, transportation, lodging, and more

  • Ensure that the budget is kept within guidelines; ensure that vendors are paid

Types of events you could hire an event planner for:

The event planner may specialise in certain events, such as meetings, conventions, trade shows, festivals, parties, or weddings. The following purposes drive special events:

  • Parties (weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, kids parties, Christmas parties, yearend parties)

  • Educational events (conferences, meetings, graduations)

  • A promotional activity (for example, product launches, political rallies, fashion shows)

  • Celebrations (religious ceremonies, festivals, memorials, civic events)

Every detail of an event is planned and coordinated by event planners on behalf of their employers or clients. That includes a variety of things, depending on the size and nature of the event. An event planner's cost is affected by these factors as well.



Cost of hiring an Event Planner

There is an average cost for event planners in the UK of £450; however, this is dependent on the event type, experience of the event planner, and size of the event, a number of guests, catering and much more.

An event planner can save you a lot of money and time as well, by using previous experience, a professional event planner like Camilla Boniek can save you money by getting discounts and deals with vendors whom they have worked within the past. 


Is it worth it to hire an Event Planner in London?

Absolutely yes! If you want to host a superb event that is well planned, coordinated, and executed while you are left without the burden of having to bargain with vendors or stress over colour schemes and lighting, then you need a professional event planner and coordinator to help you save time, energy and money.

London is a very expensive city and having someone like Camilla Boniek manage your special event can save you lots of money while leaving you stress-free to enjoy yourself in the company of your guests.

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