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Private Party Planner London

The city of London is one of the most important business centres in Europe. Londoners work hard, but everyone needs a day off from time to time. How about bringing your family and friends together for some fun or your workmates for a full day of team bonding activities to keep them engaged and motivated?  Plan a great private party.

There are a lot of things you need to be aware of when placing an astounding private party for your guests, as they will be entertained and surprised throughout the evening. It doesn't matter if you are throwing an anniversary party, a birthday party, a corporate party or a wedding - you want everyone to be impressed. Your party will be perfect if you have a private party planner in London.

A party planner can make hosting private parties convenient and entertaining; a private party planner understands how busy you are and how stressful and time-consuming it can be. Because of that, they do everything possible to make your experience easy, comfortable, and stress-free. With attention to detail, they create exquisite bespoke luxury parties to excite even the most discriminating guests. With their help, you can design your dream event, and they'll take care of everything, so you don't have to!

Outdoor Summer Party

Camilla Boniek event planners offer the best private party planning services in London for any type of event. You can rely on us to transform your ideas into an unforgettable private party that will wow your guests.

The cost of hiring a private party planner in London

This is the main thought before hiring a party planner, but the cost needs to be weighed against the benefit of having a party planner take most of the pressure off your shoulders. A professional private party planner knows how to manage a limited budget to throw a big fat private party in London. Do you know that cost-cutting and managing is the main hiring point and quality you can count on?  In London, the average national cost is almost £450, but this can vary greatly depending on the area, the type of party, number of guests, catering requirements, venues and much more.

How does a private party planner work?

To throw an incredible private party, you need to plan it down to the very last detail. A professional private party planner will wow your guests and ensure they remember your event for the right reasons. Your ideas and concepts will be transformed into a sensational party by the experience and expertise of the party planner, which delights the senses and leaves the guests feeling spoiled and wowed.

Here are a few things that you can expect:

  • It may be difficult to find a venue that feels right in normal times, somewhere that has ample room capacity and is open on your preferred date. We are able to save time by using venue finding services as well as our connections in the business where we have hosted parties before. This will undoubtedly provide you with a good range of venues that meet - or even exceed - your needs.

  • Partying at home sounds great, don't you think? Marquees come in all shapes and sizes, so you can create the perfect party vibe for your event, whether you're creating a festival vibe or an elegant private event for close family and friends.  With connections in the industry, we are able to get the best deals on marquees and outdoor décor to suit any party and budget.

  • Each private party has a theme, no matter what colour, film, or era it is based upon; this theme appears in every element - from the decorations to the catering. A cohesive theme and attention to every detail help create a lasting impression on your guests.

  • We are responsible for providing entertainment for your guests, which will lead to a truly memorable event. Remember to think about how best to keep younger guests happy and occupied if you're planning to have them as well.


Everything above can be done by you. However, it does take a lot of patience and juggling with budgets to get there. Why not consider using a professional event planning and management company if you feel it is too much of a headache or cannot plan it independently? You can relax, be happy, and be able to enjoy your special day just as much as your guests will, no matter how sketchy or madcap your party brief might be Camilla is able to cater to your needs. 

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