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London 5 Unique Wedding Venues for Your Dream Wedding

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

You need a distinctive location for your wedding if you want it to stand out from the crowd and leave your guests in amazement the moment they walk in. These parts are fortunate to have a wide choice of distinctive wedding venues spread throughout the city, but with such a wide selection comes difficult considerations regarding which location is best for your event in London.

There are numerous locations that follow the conventional structure, but there are also others that defy expectations. Take a look at these five distinctive locations for your dream wedding in London if you want to stand out from the crowd and throw the most original wedding of the year.

Solent Forts, Portsmouth

How about getting married in the midst of the ocean if getting married in the middle of a jungle doesn't suit you?

Even travelling abroad is not necessary. Moreover, the Solent Forts are a group of four artificial forts that were initially constructed to defend Portsmouth against a seaborne invasion in the 19th century.

They are now being used as a museum, opulent hotels, and the location of your upcoming wedding. Spitbank Fort and No Mans Fort are the two historic mid-ocean floats that are available for exclusive weddings; in each instance, you and your guests will be taken to an incredible fortress in the middle of the ocean.

The Tree House, Northumberland

The largest wooden treehouse in the world is located in Northumberland's lovely Alnwick Garden, which surrounds Alnwick Castle. You can exchange vows inside this fairytale-inspired, rustic-chic location, on the wooden deck, or beneath a magical canopy of tree tops.

Any season would be ideal for this treehouse. You can choose to have your dream wedding indoors with a cosy fire and delectable food in the winter, outside in the summer, or among the changing leaves in the autumn. Whether there are stars or not, the sparkling fairy lights indoors and outside will create a magical environment and a romantic backdrop.

The Roman Baths and Pump Room

The Roman Baths are unlike any other location in the UK. Here, warmed by the earth's core deep underground, hot water has been used for 2000 years and is one of England's National Heritage monuments.

The location has been built and extended over time to become what it is today: the pillars around the lake are reminiscent of the grandeur of an ancient Roman temple and serve as the ideal background for your dream wedding.

The Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield

This hotel and restaurant are true gems. Anyone who attends your special day will remember it only for the decor itself! The Crazy Bear, located in the busy town of Beaconsfield, hides its strange and delightful excitement behind closed doors.

You enter through them and find yourself in a magical world with polar bear decor, rich gold and deep purples, mirrored walls, and an exotic Moroccan lounge with a pool and patio.

The London Eye

A ceremony on The London Eye lasts for two rotations: the first is for you to exchange promises while standing far above our city, and the second is for you to sign the register, toast with champagne, and snap some creative photographs.

This location is ideal for couples who enjoy living in the city and want to exchange vows in a luxurious pod with panoramic views. Nothing compares to the London skyline at dusk.

Final Words

Wedding venues are defined as the place where an event takes place and additionally the ceremony site. Some venues are ancient buildings or temples and offer the potential for picturesque backgrounds and a romantic setting, while others aren't located near such attractive areas but have that special flair or uniqueness.

No matter the style of your wedding, there is a suitable venue in London serving it. You simply need to do extensive research on each option.


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