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Event Consultant

Events play an important role in a human's life; they allow for a more intimate and engaging time with your family and friends or work colleagues. The question is, how can you make these events successful and memorable? Yes, the answer is, to hire an Event Consultant. I am a London-based event consultant with many years of experience planning and executing various types of events, from large corporate events to small intimate family events.  I have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your event takes place in an organised way, allowing you to enjoy your time with your guests.

Event Planner

An Event Planner vs An Event Consultant

An event planner makes critical decisions regarding what, when, who, and how. While the event consultant, on the other hand, is responsible for making sure all the details are executed and that each vendor shows up on time and performs appropriately.

Simply put, the event consultant is the individual who is responsible for the entire execution of your event. For an event consultant, it is necessary to stay calm even in adverse conditions. It sounds like simple advice but is very difficult to prove. If you can stay calm, you can overcome any situation. I am an event planner and event consultant, if you are unsure of which service you require, I suggest you give me a call or fill out the contact form so we can have a chat about your requirements.

What is an event Consultant's Job?

A good event consultant is always a step ahead and expects the unexpected. Making the client happy should be a priority, I work diligently to give my clients the best service for their money. I will always make arrangements to facilitate my client's and their guest's needs.  

A consultant is always analyzing the demands and expectations of the client; it’s like having a sixth sense of what the client is expecting. It is a rare quality and takes years to achieve, but good event consultants develop this quality to authority by tuning into their clients and understanding them to provide the best service. The event consultant has the vision, planning, and execution of the events. There is a whole range of events which I have worked on successfully with my clients, such as,

And many more.

The Event Consultant is Responsible for:

  • Securing the venue location for the event.

  • Arranging the interior decoration of the event.

  • Contacting catering companies and ensuring food is within any dietary regulations.

  • Hiring DJs and other forms of entertainment.

  • As well as scheduling for agenda and programming.

The event consultant envisions, plans and executes the events.


Special Event Consultants are the individuals who are planning special events for businesses or individuals. Special event consultants are well-trained, educated professionals who have authority over wedding plans, party promoters, and venue managers to plan and organize events. An event consultant should have a friendly, outgoing disposition.

Corporate event Consultant,  help business clients select venues, negotiate prices with vendors, arrange travel arrangements, and provide overnight accommodations. They prepare reports for clients regarding budgets, pricing, and events activities.

 An Event Management Consultant helps those in charge of managing an event by guiding and providing support regarding all aspects of the project or event. management skills should include attention to detail.

Communication and interpersonal skills. Negotiation skills when looking for good pricing from vendors, suppliers, and contractors. They have a very professional approach with quick power of decision. They know how to manage their time they have the great ability to work under pressure to ensure the efficient running of an event.

Event Design consultant, the event will combine perfectly and transmit coherence. They lay the foundation for a successful event. Companies must have a good design when creating an event because it will reflect its identity and will transmit the brand's value to all attendees.  This attention to detail is necessary for any event design consultant.

How Much Does an Event Consultant Charge?

On average, event planners and consultants charge between 15-20% of the total cost of the event as part of the fee. In some cases, a consultant's fee will cover the entire cost of producing and executing an event if it is complex and takes a lot of time. In the UK, it generally ranges from £300 to £800. This can then vary greatly based on the type of event, size of the event, number of guests, catering requirements, venue costs, event décor and more.  To find out more about how these factors could influence your event planning rates, give us a call to arrange a consultation with me, Camilla Boniek Events.  

Even though most of the consultants charge one of the following ways.

  • They charge a fixed hourly rate. This can be anywhere from £25 and up.

  • Sometimes a flat fee. You discuss the price with the client after reviewing their requirements.

  • Sometimes the percentage of profit is. This is popular means of payment for those working in the fundraising events

  • Sometimes it is fixed on commission.

  • Sometimes it is fixed on hourly time plus expenses.

Why hire an Event Consultant?

A good event consultant can help with all aspects of your event. Whether it is planning, envisioning, coordinating, or executing your event, a professional makes sure your event takes place without any issues. This help does come with a price, however, I can work within your budget and ensure you get a quality service for the best price.

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