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Birthday Planner

Are you planning a birthday party? You must be wondering whether you should hire a professional party planner or if you can arrange it yourself? A small gathering can be easily organised, but a large gathering, such as a birthday party, can be quite troublesome to organise.

As busy and hectic as our lives have become, it would take a great deal of organisation, time management, and effort to plan a perfect birthday party for your child or loved one. It is not easy to plan an event. Even if you do, executing the plans during an event is even more difficult, making you run around trying to make sure everything is okay, everyone is enjoying themselves, and so on.

Rather than worrying about planning, executing, and making things perfect, what's better than spending time with your kid or special person on his or her special day?  The best way to ensure your party is a smashing success is by employing a professional Birthday Planner.

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What does a birthday party planner do?

Booking a job is the first step for a party planner. Together, the planner and client create a vision of the party based on the client's preferences and aspirations. Various elements are included, such as sketches, venue options, and draft budgets. Once a project has been approved, it moves into the planning stage. From the initial project, planning activity spreads out in all directions:

  • Concluding a food and beverage agreement with the caterer,

  • Working with the floral company and rental company to coordinate the decorations,

  • Organizing and booking entertainment and meeting the technical and hospitality requirements of the performers

  • As well as keeping in contact continuously with everyone to make sure you are on the same page.


Birthday Party Planner London

There are many creative and original birthday party themes available these days for kids and adults alike. Getting a professional birthday party planner can help you create innovative ideas that will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.

For experienced birthday party planning services in London, contact me, Camilla Boniek, your local London party and event planner. Whether you're planning a bespoke 21st birthday party or a children's party for your 6-year-old, I specialise in producing small intimate home parties as well as major birthday parties at lavish venues. You can count on me for an event that's perfect for you and your loved one.

In London, Camilla Boniek Events are the best birthday party planners for;

Working with some of London's most exclusive venues and across the country, I can create the birthday party of your dreams. I will create an innovative and personalised birthday party that your guests and you will never forget. Whether you have a large or small budget, I can make this year's birthday one of your most memorable.

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What does a party planner in London cost?

In London, a party planner costs a minimum of £300, and the maximum cost is £600. These are the national average rates in London, but it depends on your event, venue and theme. There are many factors to take into consideration when determining cost like; the number of guests, size and location of venue, decorations, catering, lighting, entertainment, etc. I will work within your budget to ensure you get the best value for your buck.


How much do baby shower planners cost?

Baby shower event planners cost depends on the guest list because it costs on average £20 to £30 per person. So, a baby shower party costs range is between £100 to £1000, but your happiness does not depend on your budget. A good event planner organises your happy moments in the best ways ever at the best price.

What is the cost of hiring a party planner?

It costs on average £1000 to hire a Party Planner. You can expect to spend approximately £800 to £1100 on a Party Planner for your event. Depending on where you live, the price of a Party Planner may vary.  Contact me today so I can work out the best price for your birthday party.

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