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Wedding Coordinator

Is your big day around the corner? Great! But the planning goes on until the wedding day with your wedding planners. Do you know? An increasingly popular trend in wedding planning is the use of a coordinator for the day. On the actual wedding day, a wedding day coordinator can make a huge difference to the wedding couple and help them to have the most magical wedding day possible.

Wedding Photoshoot

 Is there a need for a wedding coordinator?

The stress that comes with wedding planning can be reduced if you hire a coordinator for the wedding day. Having an event coordinator for the day can significantly reduce the stress and pressure often associated with logistics on the day of the wedding, especially in the final weeks of planning. It is important that the bride and groom enjoy their special day and not get distracted by their planned details on their wedding day.

Suppose you are searching for a wedding coordinator in London. In that case, you need to speak with one of the top event planning companies, Camilla Boniek Events, who offer the service for on-the-day wedding coordinators.

Wedding Planning vs coordinating a wedding

Probably before you were engaged and started planning your wedding, you heard something about wedding planners and wedding coordinators. You thought they were pretty much the same thing. Wedding coordinators are generally considered separate persons for those brides who plan most of their weddings themselves. But are associated with a full-service wedding planner during most of the wedding planning process. Is that confusing?

This confusion needs to be clarified in detail.

Traditionally, a wedding planner works with the couple a year or months before their wedding day. A wedding planner books the caterer and band sketches out the vision with the florists and venue and ensures that invitations are sent by the deadline.

Although a day-of wedding coordinator does not work closely with couples as a wedding planner does, they should still be involved early to smooth over any potential problems.

You may wonder,

"How will a wedding coordinator help me on my wedding day?"

They ensure that all of your work up until their arrival is in good shape. It gives the coordinator time to follow up on loose ends and tweak any details the month before your wedding. It will be a fantastic wedding, everything will go perfectly, and nothing will go amiss.

Role of a Wedding Coordinator


  • Gets a handle on what you have planned between four to eight weeks before the wedding.

  • Review the signed contracts with your vendors and confirm logistics.

  • Prepares floor plans and timelines in detail

  • The reception and ceremony sites are walked through one final time.

  • Takes care of any neglected details

  • Conducts rehearsals

  • Ensures that the wedding day goes smoothly.


How much does a wedding day coordinator cost in the UK?

The cost depends on the location, the number of hours, and how many guests are expected, catering requirements extras like photography and entertainment hire, etc.

Generally, wedding coordinators charge between £947 and £1700 in the UK. Each coordinator's fees vary depending on his or her duties on the day of the event. If you hire someone to oversee your wedding day, your fee will be lower than if you hire someone to help you plan last-minute details weeks before the wedding.

What We Think

You should hire a day-of wedding coordinator if you want to play an active role in planning your wedding but would like someone to take care of the last-minute details. And you don't have the budget for a full-service wedding planner.

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