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Why You Should Not Skip - The Pre-Wedding Plan?

Count down has begun, your big bang day is about to come and your mega event is all set to welcome you. You are out of thought and going through mixed feelings; your pre-wedding phases are full of emotions. Sometimes you feel head over heels and other times you go in thrilled to bits.

Undergoing bundles of emotions from time to time in your pre-wedding days might make you skip pre-wedding plan and skipping a pre-wedding plan popped-up higher chances that your event may not turn your dreams into a real virtual view hence you must not skip a pre-wedding plan.

A wedding plan requires tons of things including your attire, jewellery, arrangement, venue, decoration, food, drinks, welcome, theme, music, events, saloon, and health care plan, shortly it includes everything from setting a budget to the selection of your venue. An easy-peasy tip is to design a checklist.

Here are the most critical steps you must follow for turning your wedding into the interpretation of your dreams and giving a whimsical touch to your big day.

Set A Budget

Don't burn a hole in your pocket. Set a budget. First and foremost is; you must evaluate the budget you have to spend on your wedding. Most of the time, you abruptly run out of your budget which is the common cause that drowns you in hot water during the most important times of your life, or sometimes you make foolish choices and you spend money like water and come into debt which brings unnecessary strain.

Write a Rough Guest List

Setting a budget is always linked with the number of guests you are going to invite for your ceremony. Your budget consists of specific figures which limit the number of guests. You can't invite everyone but you can think of people who could be the heart of your wedding and imagining your big day without those people is unimaginable.

Select a Venue

Venue possesses a position of a key player in your whole wedding. Venue defines how aesthetic and dreamy your wedding is going to be. It illustrates the theme and photographic elements and it also costs high. Impetuous decisions in booking a venue could be proven the horrible decision for your entire wedding.

Decide a Theme

The most exciting and fun element of your wedding plan is a selection of your theme and there are no dos and don't limitations and restrictions in theme. whatever you love and suits you may adapt it.

Choose Your Attire

Looking drop-dead gorgeous on your wedding day is a dream of many of us hence it is important to decide what you are going to wear don't book your attire late to prevent trouble. Most couples order their dress late and face the problem of an eleventh hour.

Book a Photographer and Videographer

Capturing the most beautiful movement of your life and saving it in love diaries is equally as important as other aspects although most people mistakenly only hire a photographer and forget a videographer. Hire a photographer or videographer as early as possible to ensure the recording of the moments of love, laughter, joy, fun, and romance.

Book a Florist

The wedding of your dream needs the perfect floral selection. A floral collection adds beauty to your setup and gives a lovely smell to your wedding.

Plan a Menu

Menu planning is not something that you can ignore. selection of a unique venue could be the icing on the cake of your dreamy wedding

Final Words

Skipping a pre-wedding plan could be led you to skip a lot of reflective elements on your special day this is why pre-wedding is always the first part of your wedding planning and you must end after making it to achieve your goals and dreams.

If you are looking for a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to plan your wedding. Fill out the contact us form.

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