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21 Finest Wedding Planners in London

The planning process is certainly exciting since it involves putting all the elements you've imagined together to make a celebration that is special and appropriate for both you and your partner.

However, you can use your time to concentrate on other aspects of the wedding if you have your own wedding planner to manage stress.

Professional Wedding Planners in London

There are so many wonderful wedding planners available who can accommodate a variety of budgets and wedding styles. We did the research and identified the finest wedding organisers describe below:

Camilla Boniek Events

The best wedding and event planner in London. Camilla was born in Rome, Italy and she has been living in London for almost 10 years. To make any kind of event unique, you need to have one fundamental skill: empathy. It is precisely based on empathy that she started this job.

Indeed, her clients' satisfaction is what makes her thrive! Her passion for her job always makes her pursue the best result possible and she is ready to give you everything that she can to organize the best event for you.

Liz Linkleter

It is a full-service event production and wedding planning agency. This is the location to visit if you want to design a distinctive and fashionable wedding. They are renowned for coming up with innovative, and quirky wedding solutions that are ideal for their clients.

Although their studio is situated in London, they serve the entirety of Europe and beyond.


Mark Niemierko is a celebrity wedding planner who consistently tops lists of the greatest wedding planners, and with good reason. His sense of style is the kind of breathtaking beauty that will leave you speechless, and working with Niemierko Weddings is the best you could hope for.

They get to know you so that they can truly comprehend your style, preferences, and vision for your wedding, ensuring that everything is appropriate for you two as a couple.

Katrina Otter

Katrina Otter characterises herself as a wedding planner. For a stress-free planning experience, hire a strategist, designer, thinker, doer, perfectionist, artist, creative, partner, or friend. Know that these prestigious wedding planners have your best interests in mind.

With their attention to detail and enthusiasm for designing stunning weddings every year.

My Wedding Fixer

My Wedding Fixer can design one-of-a-kind, pocket-friendly weddings. Perfect for individuals who want to keep costs down while yet having the wedding of their dreams. The company's attitude emphasises the importance of producing stylish events while finding innovative ways to stretch every dollar.

Perfectly planned 4 You

It is an event planning company with years of experience. Your wedding day will be meticulously organised and tailored to you as a couple by them. They have the ability to bargain for favourable terms and pricing to save you money. You will still be in charge of everything while the strain of planning is removed.

Hire Societies

Tania is a trained wedding planner with awards who works all over the UK from her base on the South Coast of Sussex. Hire Societies provides custom wedding planning and opulent floral arrangements.

Being a licenced wedding planner for more than ten years, Tania has organised some fantastic events and weddings for some incredible businesses and exclusive clients, and she loved every minute of organising and creating them. This is also where her love of floral arrangements began.

Lucy Bull Wedding

A London-based coordinator who works both there and in the Cotswolds. Lucy will get to know you both as a couple, as well as your wedding aspirations, to provide the most individualised service from our very first consultation, whether you are looking for assistance right through your wedding planning journey or you are looking for a planner to assist with certain aspects of your big day.

Lovely Lida

Love Lydia takes great delight in organising lavish, chic, elegant, and wholly customised weddings. Whatever your goals are, they can make them a reality because they have experience working in hurried and time-sensitive situations.

They have all the knowledge and abilities necessary to plan the most opulent weddings for various types of couples.

One Curious Dream

Jo Pyman, the creator and creative director of One Curious Dream is a multi-award-winning wedding planner. They creatively organise and skillfully execute stunning weddings, primarily in the East of England, but they also go outside of that region. They can make any of your thoughts and aspirations come true.


The London-based luxury wedding planning company ByChenai has a stunning design. Because of Chenai's knack for organisation and styling, ByChenai has become a top choice for fashionable couples both domestically and abroad.

Chenai's work has an elegant style that we at English Wedding absolutely adore. A ByChenai wedding will be lavish without being excessive and will accurately represent your unique style and background.

The Star Inside

A multinational company that plans weddings and elopements is called The Stars Inside. You can hire Valentina to arrange your wedding no matter where you are in the world. It all comes down to translating what you value and how you live into how you celebrate, she claims. She can therefore make whatever thoughts you have come to reality.

Amethyst Weddings

Sian, a vegan and eco-friendly wedding professional is the lovely soul behind Amethyst Weddings. Sian's goal is to make her weddings and events as sustainable as possible and assist her couples in lowering their environmental footprint.

For people who require support and inspiration during what can be a highly stressful period, Sian's down-to-earth approach to weddings is ideal. You can always rely on Sian's individualised attention and assured continuation of service because she works alone during the planning phase.

Couture Events

Couture Events, which Susannah Parker founded, has previously used some of the most prominent events in the UK to produce extraordinary events. She can make all of your ideas come to life and create a party that both you and your guests will never forget thanks to her amazing event management skills and artistic vision. As Susannah relieves all the worry off your big day, you can truly enjoy it.


An internationally recognised wedding planning firm with a Nottingham base is Benessamy Wedding and Event Planning. We plan opulent, entertaining celebrations across the UK, focusing primarily in and around Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, and Warwickshire; and international nuptials in the Caribbean, including nuptials in St. Lucia, Barbados, and Jamaica.

Olive Sky Wedding & Events

Leading luxury event planner Olive Sky Weddings & Events specialises in weddings, parties, events, and proposals. They make all of your ideas come to life everywhere, which makes them ideal for a wedding abroad or in the UK. Every little thing that goes into making a wedding spectacular has its utmost passion.

For The Love Of Wedding

One of the sweetest women I've ever had the pleasure of working with is Krysta. She describes herself as "a self-confessed perfectionist and constantly goes above and beyond to help create beautiful, elegant, and unforgettable occasions" and is attentive, and a superb communicator. I'm sure you'll agree that Krysta's editorial photos on her website and social media are some of the best you've ever seen.

Pocket Full Of Dreams

Since 2010, Pocketful of Dreams has organised some amazing destination weddings in Europe and weddings all throughout the UK. They will be able to support your particular style and bring all of your ideas and inspiration to life, whether you have a vision or not. Then you won't have to worry about anything as you enjoy your uniquely designed wedding.

Wonderful Events

Cotswolds-based Lovely Martina is the owner of Wonderful Events, a wedding planning company that specialises in relaxed-elegance weddings in the UK and destination weddings throughout Europe. Wonderful Events is headquartered in the picturesque Cotswolds.

Bungalow by Pink Palms

A unique online wedding planning service. Everything is done online, and the Facebook group is the only way to contact the founder, Ashleigh. Your worries and inquiries will soon be resolved with the click of a button. You will be able to easily organise and design your wedding with the aid of this online membership platform.

John Alexander Events

A wedding planner with 10 years of experience in the wedding, event, and hospitality industries. He has received training from the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, which shows that he has acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to guarantee that he designs unforgettable events that are tailored to each of his clients.

Final Thoughts

So here you have my list of the best UK wedding planners! Wherever you are in the UK, there is someone ready to help you with planning your special day, hold your hand when the details are too much for you to handle mentally, and offer their knowledge of how to combine styling concepts to produce the most lovely events. Keep this list; you'll need it someday.


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