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What Does A Wedding Planner Actually Do?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Planning your wedding could be the biggest personal task you've ever given yourself if you have the time. There usually isn't much time left for couples to think about (or do) anything else while they are considering hiring a wedding planner because they are so busy with their personal lives, families, and work.

The fun of organising your own celebration need not be diminished by hiring a wedding planner in London; it simply means that you have delegated all of the "stuff" to someone else. I refer to it as "stuff" because there is no other way to adequately describe how many calls, emails, follow-ups, contracts, and phone conversations you will need to examine and approve.

If the couple can share their ideas with a group of wedding planners to adopt and perhaps even improve, the planning process will be a lot more enjoyable.

The question "what does a wedding planner do?" is one that is frequently heard from brides. What a wedding planner DOESN'T do is the actual question, though. Wedding planners put a lot of effort into making your life simple and stress-free during the preparation process so you can fully appreciate your engagement.

Duties Of A Wedding Planner

The duties of a wedding planner can be active in different ways on the wedding day, from meticulously organising every detail to merely selecting one vendor or simply being present to oversee things.

Wedding planners assist couples in organising their big day and ensure that everything goes as planned. Establishing a planning schedule and collaborating with the bride and groom to select everything from dress to ceremony and reception locations, music, and menu items are among your duties as a wedding planner. Every element of the event is under your control, and you are required to make sure that it fits the requirements of your customers.

Different packages that reflect different levels of engagement in wedding planning may be offered by wedding planners in the UK. For instance, a coordination package might merely manage the day-of logistics, but full-service planning involves months of organising things like the budget, vendors, and location. Day-Of-Wedding Planners What are the duties of the wedding coordinator? A few weeks or a few months before the big day, a wedding day coordinator will leap into the process, mainly to assist those couples who are arranging the wedding themselves. Yes, there is assistance available for couples who are organising their weddings independently.

A day-of-wedding coordinator will be on hand to help you coordinate everything as you get closer to the wedding day and will be logistically minded. On the big day, they take charge to make sure all the preparations made by the couple are carried out flawlessly.

As we like to say, a day-of-wedding coordinator is crucial for any couple who wants to handle most of the planning themselves, but they need a professional to carry out all of their hard work and planning when their wedding day arrives.

A wedding couple should be able to enjoy their wedding and not have to worry about anything, which is why having a professional there to handle the logistics, such as the day of the wedding planner, is so important. Full-Service Wedding Day Planner A full-service wedding planner will be involved from the outset, usually soon after the engagement, and will continue to be under contract until the final thank-you cards are received after the wedding. The best vendors and resources will be found by full-service wedding planners who will learn about your wedding vision, understand your budget, and help you realise your wedding goals.

They will serve as your main point of contact, handle all vendor selection and contract negotiations, communicate with those vendors, budget management, support you at vendor meetings, be visionary and creative and will give you original ideas for the design of your wedding day, perform a myriad of other duties that will ultimately result in the successful execution of your wedding.

In terms of design, vendor selection and communication, and the day of execution, full-service wedding planners write multiple emails on your behalf and handle roughly 99% of the paperwork (the client ultimately makes the final decisions and signs contracts, but is advised and guided by the planner).

We will handle all negotiations, decide on any disagreements or unresolved issues, and genuinely put YOU and YOUR GUESTS' needs first.

You are investing in their expertise as a planner and all of the information they've collected over multiple events to ensure your wedding day works successfully, which is another fantastic benefit of a full-service wedding planner that shouldn't be overlooked. A full-service services is an investment.

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