Top Wedding Planner Companies of 2022 - What They Do!

Updated: Oct 17

Are you looking for the best wedding and event planners company? You are in the best place to find well-known event and wedding planning organisations. These well-known organisations raise the bar every year. Moreover, their deftly stage-stealing performance leaves a great impact on the audience. Have a look at the suggestions given below for your upcoming events.

1. Camilla Boniek Events

2. Liz Linkleter

3. My Wedding Fixer

4. Perfectly Planned 4 You

5. Charlotte Elise Wedding & Events

6. Love Lydia

What do They do?

An event coordinator who specialises in putting together weddings for soon-to-wed couples is known as a wedding planner, also known as a wedding organiser. Wedding planners are employed by couples and their families to provide advice and set up specifics like floral arrangements, photography, catering, and other elements of a wedding. You might handle every aspect of a wedding or simply a few specialised services, such as guest transport or planning the wedding day. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, some wedding planners attend the event.

Common duties for wedding planners include:

  • Having a meeting to ascertain the couple's preferences and financial situation. Some couples will be quite clear about their desires. Others may look to you for advice on selecting a colour scheme or meal for the wedding.

  • If the couple and their parents can't agree on certain things, mediating the situation.

  • Organising the wedding's date and place will help you identify reception locations that are open at that time.

  • Scheduling meetings and settling contracts for catering, photography, limo service, flowers, and a variety of other wedding-related costs

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