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The Top five Questions To Ask A Wedding Planner

Wedding day is supposed to be the most overwhelming gracious and pleasant day of your life. You with your Speechless and unmatchable emotions prepare for the biggest festivity of your life, specifically centred around you.

Finally, You are all set to get hitched to Your soul mate. The day which brings “made for each other” together .you and your love of life are becoming one unit. The one who is made for you, the one you are made for, starting life journey with the partner for life is the most special day. The day is not just restricted to love romance joy and laughter.

A Big day asks for special planning and tons of work and if you do it all by yourself, your happiness gets fades away and you get into distress. To shoulder your stress and embrace calamity what requires most is a right-fit wedding planner whose availability and ideas are well-suited for your wedding.

Most spouse-to-be get are quite flummoxed in understanding who is the right fit for them. So, common questions pop into their minds which get them to the final point are the following.

Is The Date Of My Wedding Available On Your Calendar?

The one basic and sensible question which is asked is all about availability. It's of no use to waste time in taking more details if your wedding date is already finalised. well, if you are flexible about your wedding date then you can wait for the one, you think is right for you.

What Wedding-Planning Services Do You Provide?

  • Wedding planners are categorised into three.

  • Planner partial service wedding planner

Most of the clients ask questions about services which are being offered. This question helps them in gaining clarity if the wedding planner is the right fit for them or not. For instance, if you're super-organized and have time to take follow up with pros yourself, then you may only need someone for a coordination role.

You must need a full services wedding planner if you're planning a destination wedding. It is absolutely the best option to go with a full-time planner who can manage the logistics for you. Well, If you're detail-oriented, have a defined wedding vision, and are able to stay on top of wedding details and logistics, then you might not need a full-service planner.

Rather, a partial-service planner might be a better fit. Hire someone who can provide some guidance and expertise along the way, vendor suggestions, and a limited number of in-person meetings.

How Much Does All It Cost?

Money matters most therefore the most considerable question definitely asked by everyone is about the budget. Your affordability defines the decisions to hire or fire. You may also ask if there is flexibility in your budget.

In case you are able to negotiate with a planner then you opt for their services. you can also ask them for a discount and different packages that can lie under your budget

How Many Meetings Can We Have?

This question is asked to know the process of work and the medium of communication. This is to get the information about your first meeting with a wedding planner. Some planners communicate via email and they send sketches, and storyboards and take follow-up over the phone, while others may create online inspiration boards and verbally walk you through swatches and sample designs in person.

Certain planners will ask you about each and every detail while others wait and fill you in on everything all at once. There's no right workflow—it's all about what you like best.

Who Is Your Perfect Client?

We are all curious to know the sort of work our wedding planners do to attain gratification. We want to know if are they capable to arrange our big day so you always ask them a question showing some of your best previous work? if you admire their work then you definitely get their services purchased.

Final Thoughts

These are some most frequently that spouses-to-be asks a wedding planner and they only hire those who attain their gratification. Being a wedding planner one should be well aware to answer such questions because client satisfaction is a business achievement.

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