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How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Every time you hire a professional for doing anything special, you’ll Look into their previous work or a portfolio if they have one, and compare prices before you sign a contract with them. Similarly, your wedding is a big day in your life and you need to hire a professional wedding planner in the UK, but the first question that pops up in your mind is how much does a wedding planner cost?

wedding planner cost

The answer is that the cost of planning a wedding can be based on their location and experience. A wedding can take a minimum of 200 - 300 hours to plan. However, like with other things, it depends on the service you select. Most wedding planners in the UK provide a few services that can be useful to you if you only need assistance with one particular aspect, such as a venue or supplier search.

Full Wedding Planning

The full wedding planning is the most comprehensive service, which covers every aspect of your event (finding a venue, all administration, design and décor, and budget management, to name just a few tasks involved).

Full wedding event planner cost is frequently priced using a percentage structure. The wedding planner will be compensated a percentage of the total cost, typically 10% to 15%.

With higher wedding planner costs often involving many more hours, meetings, design components, set up, and supplier liaisons to guarantee you have your dream wedding, the percentage fee reflects the amount of labour required in producing your dream wedding celebration.

Partial Wedding Planning

The partial planning solution was developed to meet your precise needs and is very versatile. Typically, a couple begins some of the planning on their own before looking for assistance.

This could suggest to them that they have already selected the location and caterer but need assistance with the remaining details, or that they are almost finished with the planning but need someone to find the last few vendors and handle the RSVPs from the guests.

Partial planning also includes managing the wedding itself on the big day. Given the fact that partial planning is a unique service created especially for each couple, it has a predetermined price.

Final Words

Here, I'll go over the standard pricing structures so you may get a better understanding of what to expect. The majority of planners, including me, provide a variety of services, including full or partial planning.

The Wedding planner's Cost for these services will vary depending on how long, big, and complicated is your event. I hope that this has improved your knowledge of pricing. Couples who engage a planner are invariably satisfied with their investment.

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